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Job Vacancies Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK) February 2014

Job Vacancies Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK) February 2014

Department of Labour was established in 1912 and is one of 12 departments and agencies under the purview of the Ministry of Human Resources. Before the 1960s, the objective of the Department is to 'protect the interests of workers in the plantations and mines. In 1970, the Department of Labor merged with the Department of Industrial Relations. Coalition focuses on the settlement of disputes involving workers and unions. Structuring of labor institutions continue to be made to realize the functions and responsibilities more effectively. Among the changes made was to separate from the Labor Position Title Transportation Company (JPP) and beyond the original outline responsibilities and maintains accountability Labor fungsi.Jabatan virtue, the interests of the workers in achieving harmony between employers and workers.

Job Vacancies Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK) Februari 2014

1. Pembantu Tadbir (Pengkeranian / Operasi)

Closing date 14 February 2014

Vacancies Details

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